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By jamie, Dec 5 2017 10:34AM

Winter is officially here, and begrudgingly you have turned on your radiators and the boiler is working overtime. If you're worried about the cost of heating your home this winter, here are some simple tips to save a few pounds this year.

1. Dress for the cold weather

This may seem obvious, but a pair of slippers on your feet and a cosy jumper can stop you from turning the heating up a couple of extra degrees

2. Decorate for warmth

Change your bed sheets for thicker ones, put rugs out on hard floors, insulated curtains in your windows and warm blankets on your sofa. When it's cold outside nothing is better at money saving than a properly prepared home.

3. Take advantage of solar heating

Open the curtains during the day to allow the warm sun into your home and close them at night to trap the heat.

4. Limit your use of kitchen and bathroom fans

They may suck out nasty smells, but they also suck out your valuable warm air.

5. Turn down the thermostat

While a painfully obvious solution, a couple of degrees cooler when you're not home or asleep can make a huge difference to your bills with a very minimal effort from you.

6. Get an energy audit for your home

This is a service some utility providers offer for free or a very small fee, it lets you see where you are losing valuable heat in your home and give you solutions on how to solve it.

7. Clear your Vents

Move your furniture and belongings away from the front of radiators or heating vents. This way the air can circulate effectively.

8. Don't let your fireplace stop you saving

Keep the damper closed when your fireplace isn't on to prevent all that precious hot air escaping.

9. Get a boiler tune-up

A boiler that's in top shape can have a huge impact on your bills. Keep it serviced and in good condition and you'll notice the difference.

10. Negotiate a better rate

A simple call to a few suppliers can yield huge results and savings. Or take a look at a few comparison sites